Monday, November 14, 2011

Best Intentions

I've had good intentions, really I have. I never intended to be looking for a job this long. Or to lay my writing aside while becoming consumed in the career search. Or expected to not have the motivation to write, let alone think about it. I really believed I could maintain my torrid pace, finish and edit two novels, begin another and start sending queries. All this while looking for a job to pay the bills.

It's like the old saying, "my eyes were bigger than my stomach." Indeed. If I've learned anything from this exercise, it's that my writing is a key component of my life and can not be neglected for such a lengthy time, no matter the reason. Even if I had written gibberish or trash during this time, at least words would have found their way into a Word document. As it is, besides an outline for a nonfiction idea, I've written scarcely 2,000 words since March.

But how times change! I begin my new position with a local aerospace company today and await the challenge. And the stimulation. For I've found that work itself can inspire my writing and some of my best work and consistent writing times have occurred at my breaks and on lunch. I don't expect this to change and am eager to not only get back to work, but get back to writing. Even if my good intentions failed miserably, the time of redemption is at hand. Time to get cracking and reignite the habit & love once again.