Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A New Year, A New Vision

It’s been awhile coming but I’m climbing up on the blogging horse again. While I won’t say that life has settled down – really, does that EVER happen? – I do think now is prime time to crank up the blog.

I’ve spent some time re-imagining what this year on the blog will look like. I’m hoping to offer more useful content, conduct more interactive dialogues, comment on the happenings in the publishing world and don’t forget those interviews!

It’s my sincere desire that you’ll visit this blog and connect with me. I realize there are a gazillion writing-focused blogs out there and many of them are well worth your time. Heck, I read them as well.

I’ve incorporated a new vision to my writing for 2013 as well. I’ll be writing new stories, of course, but I’m calling this the “Year of Revision and Submission” because that’s where I’m at in my writing career. I’m still pre-published (besides a devotional) but believe this will be the year I take the next step.

To that end, I’ll be attending at least one writer’s workshop and probably one or two conferences, in addition to the popular WriteOnCon in August. I’ll also be reporting on interesting articles, my take on the publishing business and many other things.

I’m looking ahead to a great year and wish you all the best in your writing life and beyond.
God bless.