Saturday, March 9, 2013

Transforming Your Writing Life in 2013

How was your 2012? Did you accomplish all your writing goals? Most of them? None of them?

No need to fret, it’s a new year and that means new goals and the opportunity to reap success. What that success will look like is totally up to you. It will take dedication, hard work and passion.

Are you ready for it?

Will this be the year you finish a manuscript? Are you working on editing a completed manuscript to submit to an agent an editor?

Are you waiting to hear back after querying agents and are unsure of your next project, but know you need to keep those creative juices flowing?

Do you have a deadline looming with an editor for your first, second or tenth book?

Or are you standing on the precipice of finally jumping into this writing life with both feet?

Dive in, the water's fine, my friend.

I've determined that 2013 is THE year my writing life moves forward. I'm taking steps to make certain it happens. Obviously, some things are out of your hands. All you can do is what you can do.

It can be as simple as steadying yourself to begin querying, complete a book proposal or send off that final revision to an editor. Whatever it is, you CAN succeed this year. Take the step. Or the plunge.  But do it. Do SOMETHING today.

You never know what this year will bring.