Other Pans in the Fire

Updated (7/26/16)


"FOTT" currently on hold as I re-evaluate the various plot lines. Heavy cutting may be in my future.

"MDK" currently shelved. May revisit some time in 2017.

"WYBF", my attempt at a humorous middle grade story is complete and in revision stage.

"Sums" is currently in plotting and early draft stage. MG superhero novel.

"NewIdea1", is an MG fantasy only in plotting stages at this point.


"A Father's Enduring Test of a Lifetime (tentative title)" = This labor of love could be a self-publishing venture although I'm attempting to pursue traditional avenues first. This is a story I have to tell. Liver disease and organ transplant are too important not to do so.

My four completed picture books are on the backburner for the immediate future until I can lend adequate time to revisions.


  1. If you need a "focus group" for your humorous children's books, I have 4 and 7-year-old granddaughters. Send me your first draft.

    1. I might just do that, Jim. Thanks for the offer. :)

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