Monday, May 6, 2013

Switching Writing Gears

Life takes us many different places. We learn, grown and move. We make choices that take us one direction or another. The pursuit of a writing career can be quite similar. 

If you follow this blog with any frequency, you know I’ve been writing novels and a non-fiction book. The latter is still very much on the table but these past couple of weeks I’ve decided to follow a new path – freelance writing.

Now, obviously, many a book writer has started as a freelancer or written freelance material to supplement book sales. It’s not like I’m standing at the edge of some unexplored frontier. At this point in time, I believe broadening my horizons, honing my writing skills and stretching me with freelance opportunities is the best choice for my long-term writing career.

What This Means

You will immediately notice the blog will take on a decidedly “freelance” turn. While I won’t ignore the book world entirely, I will focus on opportunities available to freelance writers – content, blogging, press releases, articles and more. The number of freelance writers seems to be growing daily but the opportunities are just as plentiful.  I’ll be following trends, offering insight and hopefully together we’ll discover new avenues for publication

What This Doesn’t Mean

I’ll still offer industry interviews with faculty from local writer’s conferences as well as (hopefully) other freelancers further along in their career, who can share insights and advice to those of us new to the game.

It’s my strong desire to make this blog a regular stop for readers and to offer content that is useful and encouraging. That won’t change.

I’m looking forward to sharing this new path with you and hope you will join me for the ride. Maybe we’ll learn some things together.

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