Thursday, February 3, 2011

Paying It Forward

This week Shelli Johannes is hosting a Pay it Forward Contest here where she will recommend ONE lucky winner to her agent, Alyssa Henkin at Trident Media.

Contest participants are asked to post their own "pay it forward" tribute to someone who has encouraged them. My life is so full of awesome people, it's difficult to pick just one.

Since this is a blog about writing, I'll choose someone who has encouraged me in that pursuit. This person is most dear to my heart: my wife, Patty.

Patty has poured more into my life than any other person. When it comes to my writing, she has jumped 100% on board since I dove in. She provides time for me to focus on writing every week, sacrificing some of her own free time. Patty reads my material and offers feedback. And, no, she doesn't let me off the hook if the writing's bad!

I know many writers can attest to being more relaxed and able to focus when a spouse or significant other is standing behind them, urging them forward.

Thanks, Patty, for your love and your constant encouragement.

Now it's your turn. Who should you be thanking today?


  1. aw!!! that was so sweet. where would we be without our spouses??? good luck and thx for paying it forward (your wife deserves a BIG gift too :)

  2. Thanks, Shelli. My wife DOES deserve a big gift just for putting up with me!

  3. You are very lucky your partner is so supportive... Valentine's Day is coming up; just saying ;)

  4. She sounds like a great person. You're very lucky.

  5. Patty's a doll.

    I'd have to say my major thanks is to author Robert Liparulo who was willing to read and endorse a self-published novel (The Famous One), never fails to encourage me, and remains a friend who I can email anytime. Love the man.