Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Unexpected Detour

We all experience them: something completely throws our lives off course, sending us scurrying to recover and make some sense of things. That happened to me last week.

I'd felt some discomfort in my chest and it didn't subside within 24 hours. I'm not one to panic so I kind of ignored the fact it could be heart-related, though my family does have some history of heart disease and my father received a double bypass 17 years ago.

Sure, I'd been feeling some stress but I'm generally pretty relaxed even in the face of adversity. However, I decided to take advice (my own and my dad's) and visit the ER.

I'm happy to report whatever caused my issues was distinctly NOT heart-related, for which I'm grateful. But after being hooked up for EKG readings, taking a stress test and being lit up by a couple of CT scans, the experience has given me pause. It's an unexpected detour from life, where everything comes to grinding halt as you await news of the worst kind.

Indeed, I'm re-evaluating a large portion of my life right now, regardless what the test results show. What unexpected detours have given you reason to pause and perhaps re-evaluate your life or a portion of it?

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