Friday, September 28, 2012

On Writing Retreats

Since I’m enjoying one myself this weekend, I thought this was the ideal time to discuss the subject of writing retreats.

WHY Writers Need a Retreat
Every writer reaches the point where they require refreshment. A retreat offers the perfect opportunity to recharge our batteries and uninterrupted writing time. You can set your own schedule (generally) and decide when & where to write. This weekend I’ll be staying in a beautiful home with an ample indoor and outdoor variety of locations to focus on writing---and relaxing.

WHEN Writers Need a Retreat
This can vary for every writer. Maybe you’re reaching the end of a project and need to hyper-focus for a brief time. Perhaps you’ve just finished one project and are preparing to begin another. A retreat can offer you some downtime and the opportunity to brainstorm your new ideas. Or, you may have hit a roadblock and the distractions at home (or work) are so great a retreat is the escape you need. Each writer will decide their reasons and timing for a retreat. 

HOW to Make It Happen
Schedule out your writing year and choose a date; the sooner, the better. Personally, the earlier I mark something on the calendar the more committed I come to living out that schedule. Whatever works for you, just insure you block the time now. Then you have something to looking forward to at the appointed time.

Don’t underestimate the fruit that can spring from a retreat. You might be surprised by the outcome.

Have you ever taken a writing retreat? If so, did it have the desired outcome? If not, what is preventing you from taking one?

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