Monday, March 12, 2012

Lessons Learned, part 1: Writing Daily

This week I'm beginning a new Monday series about the lessons I've learned so far in my fledgling writer career. I hope you'll join in the conversation, share your own experiences and even correct me if I've omitted something of importance. Here we go...

I've touched on this briefly in the past but I don't believe it can overstated. Write something, anything, every day. Even if you have a mere five minutes, use it to your advantage. There are few reasons writing daily can be invaluable to your career.

First, you develop a habit. In October 2010 I wrote for an entire month straight for the first time in my life. In fact, I wrote every day for the next three months, finishing one novel and 3/4 of another. You don't have to be a novelist to see the value in this. If you write articles, essays, picture book texts or even word games, consider what you can accomplish simply by putting something in writing each day.

Second, your creativity is stimulated. Some of you may have incredible imaginations that requires no inspiration. For those of us who may need a little nudge, writing every day can be just the thing. Not only will you continually be pondering your novel or idea, but you're subconscious will work overtime providing fresh perspective and insight. It's worked for me. I've envisioned multiple series, novels I never knew were lurking in my mind and even some article ideas, simply by writing every day.

Lastly, and this is possible just a personal thing, but I feel fresher. By that I mean my outlook is refreshed each day, I feel more energetic and stimulated. It goes beyond just having an active imagination. I find it rejuvenating. I urge you to share your successes with your writer friends. You'll not only be encouraged but you might inspire them to write more!

It's your turn. Have you found writing daily to be invaluable to your writing life? Why or why not? Did it help you pass a milestone and you've never looked back? I look forward to your comments.

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  1. My nature doesn't allow me to commit to writing daily. But I do it anyway with the blog. At least most days. For the novels they seem to have a rhythm all their own. A little unpredictable, sporadic, spontaneous, and even sometimes determined. I've learned to roll with it. ;) However, I agree that making a point of writing regularly, however that it is for an individual, is important and usually productive.