Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The Essays

From my first days of 3rd grade when I got my first taste of writing, I'd always dreamed of becoming a novelist.  I couldn't imagine anything more exciting than cranking out story after story and seeing my books stocked on the shelves in book stores. Along the way I nearly lost my dream. I set it aside for the practicality of life, I thought, forever. Five years ago when taking a research paper course in college, my hunger for writing was stirred again, oddly enough by nonfiction. Fast forward to now and, guess what? I'm writing nonfiction! 

To be fair, if you've read the blog enough, you know I'm in the midst of revising two novels, so that dream is not entirely dead. I've found the idea of essays won't leave me. This week, I'm working deeper into one about family, another about scoliosis (still reworking), and one about liver disease's impact on a family. Next week I hope to report some accomplishments, like actually FINISHING these monsters. Until then, don't rest until you've written what's on your heart today.

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