Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goals for the SCBWI Conference

I've set a couple of goals for conference this weekend. I believe it's helpful to set some achievable and measurable goals during every event. Perhaps you'll find these helpful the next time you attend a conference.

1. Meet 10 new people. I mean more than saying 'Hi". The idea is to learn about them, share our writing and maybe check in throughout the weekend. This may be easier than normal because I've volunteered as a mentor to 1st time attendees. I'll report back next week.

2. Learn at least two things I can put into practice with my writing right away.

3. Chat with some published writers and about their experiences. I won't put a number on this but I'd like to speak with several across genres and age-groups.

4. Find a potential critique partner.

There are a few more I was considering but I like to be realistic and not overwhelm myself. The weekend will be great without a doubt but if I could hit all four goals, I'd be that much happier.

Coming up Friday, my first report on site in Redmond, WA.

1 comment:

  1. Great ideas, Kirk! I hope you attain all 4!