Saturday, April 21, 2012

Opening Keynote: Bruce Hale

Following an informative and entertaining agent/editor panel (see Twitter) we welcomed writer & illustrator, Bruce Hale. We were enraptured by his personality right away and he didn't disappoint. It was one of the most entertaining keynotes I've heard. 

Bruce called writing a game of head and heart. It takes guts, determination, savvy and endurance. In fact, art is war.We’re "at war" with ourselves, our editors, agents, other authors.  There's a lot of potential conflict in our field. 

One of the most pointed questions: If you’re unpublished, ask yourself why? Work habits, determination, and accept criticism, it will improve your work. 

Some principles to win the war:

Start a good habit
Write like your hair is on fire.
Beat resistance with persistence.

Bruce ended his time with a song which was amazing and also inspiring. He infused so much humor into his talk the entire room was laughing and smiling the entire session. 

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  1. Thanks, Kirk! Very inspiring. I especially like "Are your habits bringing what you desire?"