Monday, April 2, 2012

What Does the Future Hold?

I've been reading some comments from agents and editor at this year's Bologna Children's Book Fair. Picture books may be back on the rise, although it was clear, SEEING them was believing. It's still very difficult to submit PB's as a new author unless your a writer/illustrator. Another interesting comment I read noted how paranormal and dystopian might have reached their apex. It will be interesting to see if that rings true or if each genre simply morphs into something new.

Publishing is an industry constantly in flux (and I'm not even talking about e-books!). What was hot today is ice cold by the time you get around to submitting your project to an agent. Of course, if you're that person who actually STARTS the next hot trend, then you can rest easy knowing you'll land a few deals, maybe huge ones, before the sun sets on that moment.

Personally, it's not the next hot trend I follow, though I am interested in knowing what is selling; for me, it's more about writing a story I must tell. I write stories I'd like reading and in genres I've always loved. I'm tweaking with an idea that blends dystopian with epic fantasy. Not because dystopian is chic but because the story idea seems like a good one.

Middle grade continues to get press as the next "hot" age group, supplanting YA, but I'll believe it when I see it. I won't dispute the fact MG for boys needs to be strengthened to keep them reading. I want my son to continue his love for books beyond chapter books and I'm sure he will. Still, I want stories out there that really grab him.

So what do you think the future holds in publishing?  What does it hold for your own career? Are you a trend-rider or trend-setter? Or do you ignore them altogether and just write the story that is screaming to be told?

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