Monday, May 21, 2012

Brief Thoughts on the 2012 NCWA Writers' Renewal

I'm still downloading my brain from a fabulous conference weekend in Redmond. So many wonderful people attended and I'm grateful to the spectacular faculty, including editors Carolyn McCready, Terry Glaspey and Jim Watkins, and agents Rachel Kent and Sandra Bishop. Such phenomenal sessions all the way around. Marshal Younger's two keynotes were fantastic and I'll remember them for a long time. Plus, there's nothing like spending time with other writers.

As I evaluate what action to pursue following the conference, here are a few that impacted me:

- The need to regularly evaluate (or re-evaluate) the reasons I write.

- Realizing if you have a story to sell, self-publishing can be a viable option. Don't let rejection from the traditional markets stop you. If you're message is one that must be shared, pursue it.

- Use subtlety in your writing, not a 10-ton elephant

- Remember that good writing trumps everything else.

- Don't try to be everything to everyone when on social media. Choose Facebook, Twitter, or blogging but don't burn yourself out trying to do all of them. Do one thing well.

- Write, write, write

- Read, read, read!

If you attended the conference, what is one thing that spoke to you and demands action on your part right now?

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