Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WIP Wednesday: What Was I Working On Again?

One of the priorities I came away from last weekend’s conference with was to focus my writing. I don’t want to particularly limit the areas I’m exploring but I need to devise a time management plan. Currently, my writing is headed in several different directions:

- Revising my second novel
- Writing articles about my dad growing up & Sarah’s journey through liver disease
- Writing the book for families battling pediatric liver disease and transplant
- Revising picture book texts and finishing current work
- Considering my next novel

I don’t remember ever having this many writing projects at the same time and I’m not sure where I lost control! I realized I can’t be this scatter-brained without some type of plan in place to insure I actual make progress in each of these areas.

Have you had multiple projects going at once? How did you cope with it? How are you coping with it now? 


  1. I've got three novels started but have narrowed the focus to one right now. Somehow it has to be narrowed enough to at least make significant advances on one of them. Doesn't it?!

    1. True, but sometimes it's not so easy, is it?

  2. Oh, Kirk. I always have several projects going on at once, and a full life like you. I guess it's how my mind works. I have a loose system to help me track things, but I go where the energy goes... I'm probably not completing as much as I would if my process were a little more refined, but I'm trying to honor my process and realize we're all different. I read books the same way—a handful simultaneously! I'm sure life would be less chaotic with an organized, undistracted mind, but I'm never bored. ; )