Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and the insanity will continue for a few more. Even so, I’m moving ahead with some key works in progress.

Book proposal update: It will be a struggle to complete an entire book proposal package before my next conference on May 19-20. I’m hoping to create at least a one-sheet and one or two sample chapters for my pitch sessions but I don’t want to be haphazard about it.

Picture books: I have several completed or close to completion. I’m fairly confident about querying one, while working on revising/rewriting the others, including one brand new idea I started at the SCBWI conference. Seeking a fresh way to re-imagine a pretty overdone concept. Stay tuned.

Novels:  I will be revisiting “Big Joe” in the coming weeks to re-evaluate the opening and begin some deep revision. Right now I’m hyper-focused on other PB’s following the SCBWI conference.

What are you working on this week? Have you queried or submitted a contest entry?

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